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Alessandro Padovan is an Italian artist born in 1983 in Borgomanero.

A self-taught artist with a degree in Mechanics, he began creating as a duo within Drill Monkeys Art Duo in 2012. He then continued independently from January 2017. It was after this period that he decided to combine his expertise in mechanics and his creativity using a new creative method using self-tapping screws, this is Screw Art .

The Screw Art technique is not a well-known technique, one of the main objectives of the artist and to popularize this form of art which consists of creating by positioning screws on a panel and applying acrylic paint. .

The originality of Screw Art lies of course in the technique used but also in the 3-dimensional effect that can be obtained by varying the size of the screws and the depths used. By adding painting, we generally obtain contemporary sculptural and pictorial works.

In recent years, Alessandro Padovana has managed to be present in galleries, auction houses, art fairs in Italy and abroad and at important charity gala events.

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  • Mondrian - Alessandro Padovan Mondrian - Alessandro Padovan

    Alessandro Padovan Mondrian

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    This is a wall sculpture by Alessandro Padovan made using the Screw Art technique, that is to say art made using screws to give a 3D effect at work. As you will have recognized, this is a representation of one of Piet Mondrian's works (Composition with Red Blue and Yellow) produced in 1930 by the Dutch artist. The format of the work allows it to be hung on the wall very easily or placed on a piece of furniture given its very decorative appearance.

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