Leasing of artworks

Art in business with leasing

Art has the power to transcend the walls of a company and bring creativity, inspiration and well-being to your employees. It can transform an ordinary office space into a place where ideas flourish, productivity increases, and employees feel more connected to their surroundings.

  • Stimulated creativity
  • Strengthened brand image
  • Increased collaboration
  • Employee well-being
  • Visual diversity

How BtoB leasing works

Leasing for whom?

Are you the manager of a company or do you exercise a liberal profession? Companies eligible for the tax deduction associated with the rental of works of art must be subject to corporate tax (SA, EURL, SARL or SAS) or income tax in the industrial profits category and commercial (BIC).

Deductible expenses

The costs of renting works of art as part of the decoration and fitting out of your company's premises are recorded under account 6068 of the general accounting plan.

This approach offers substantial tax benefits, as leasing is subject to the standard rules for expenses deductible from net income (in accordance with Article 39-1 of the General Tax Code), which reduces income tax charges.

The implementation of BtoB leasing

  • 1 / Choice of works

    By taking into account your values, location, nature of art and your preferences, we can create a space that reflects your company culture and stimulates creativity and inspiration within the entire organization.

  • Setting up the contract

    Together, based on your situation and your preferences, we set up the rental contract with the possibility for you to personalize the monthly payments. In our formula, everything is included: transport, insurance, financing, etc.

  • 3 / Delivery

    Once all the documents have been signed electronically, we call on our partner specializing in the transport of works of art to take all precautions in terms of know-how and insurance.

  • 4 / Possibility of acquiring the work finally under contract

    At the end of the leasing contract, you have the option of returning the work and starting a new contract or acquiring it for an amount defined in advance.

Simulation example

Discover very simply the tax advantage linked to the rental of works of art for

Reduction in taxable income

In accordance with article 238 bis AB of the General Tax Code (CGI), all rents paid can be deducted from corporate tax for businesses or income tax for liberal professions. This legal provision offers an attractive tax deduction for financing a leased work of art.

Purchase option

Prior to concluding the leasing contract, you have the possibility to personalize the distribution of your payments over a period ranging from 13 to 48 months.

At the end of the contract period, you consolidate your business assets by simply paying the residual value, which is equivalent to 7.5% of the initial amount financed.


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