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Maxime Blachère or Blach is a French contemporary artist whose work is characterized by a bold use of color and an exploration of the relationship between painting and architecture.

His artistic practice revolves around an experimental and instinctive creative process, where gestures and brushstrokes are at the center of his approach. Blach's works are imbued with a vibrant energy and striking vitality that demonstrate his passion for art and his constant search for new forms of expression. With a resolutely contemporary approach, the artist offers a refreshing and dynamic vision of painting.

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  • Gundam Power - Blach Gundam Power - Blach

    Blach Gundam Power

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    Limited to 30 copies, this work is a canvas on a stretcher made using a reproduction enhanced by the artist using acrylic pens. Blach ® is inspired here by the VIC (Vandal is color) movement where the aim is to virtually vandalize objects, people or places. This is the Shanghai Gundam, a Japanese animation franchise belonging to the mecha genre linked to science fiction.

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