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Bruno Cantais is a French painter based in Lyon. He explores different artistic techniques, ranging from abstract expressionism to material projection, including pop art collage and figurative expressionism. His painting is characterized by a physical approach and manipulation of the material, testifying to the artist's intimate monologue.

He has been listed by Artprice, Drouot and Akoun since 2005, and has participated in exhibitions in Moldova, Cannes, Pézenas and Lyon. His works are present in international galleries in the United States, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

Bruno Cantais began his artistic career at the Paris Conservatory before turning to painting. He digs into the surface of the canvas, creating furrows that seem to open paths or get lost in the nuances of color. His art is inspired by order and disorder, feelings and sensations, shadow and light, emptiness and fullness. He seeks to touch the moment and explore the links between everything and nothing.

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  • Disco - Violon - Bruno Cantais Disco - Violon - Bruno Cantais

    Bruno Cantais Disco - Violin

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    Discover this very original sculpture by the artist Bruno Cantais , specialist in abstract expressionism and the projection of materials. Rated by Artprice, Drouot and Akoun, Bruno Cantais offers us here a work called Disco which consists of a projection of acrylic paint on a plastic violin. The latter comes with its bow and can be placed or hung on a wall.

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