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Carolina G Bellachi is a Spanish artist whose sensitivity has always been connected to the artistic world.

Since childhood, she has been passionate about painting, nature and connecting with the world through her own abstraction.

Born in 1988, she studied psychology and throughout her career began to incorporate psychology and its philosophical ideas into her works.

His creations transport the viewer into a magical world, towards our inner essence, our senses and the present moment. An abstraction that goes beyond the mind.

Caroline Bellachi currently has a workshop in Madrid where she creates her works and welcomes her clients.

She has exhibited her works in her own gallery and now wants to extend her ideas and project to the rest of the world from a conscious and evolving perspective.

Artistic, philosophical and psychological passion has always been present in Carolina.

This need to create art, coupled with the aspiration for social and evolutionary change in society, led her to study psychology, thus intertwining the Eastern and scientific philosophy of her career into her artwork, as a “symbol” of change towards a concrete philosophy of life.

One that cannot be labeled as ordinary, because since ancient times, great personalities in history have used it in all their contexts.

The works and their mineral elements “reflect” the true essence of the human being: peace.

In addition to such integrative elements in our times, such as elegance, the power of customization and the customer's decision, balance both in the decorative and symbolic context of our brand, as well as well-being in as an integrating element between the technique of our paintings, the combination of shades, shapes and balance.

In 2020, Carolina G Bellachi had the idea to create art with conscious and evolving perspectives for all audiences. In addition to unifying the idea of ​​elegance, balance and peace characteristic of its signature, it has encompassed more socially established contexts, such as the evolution of society in a conscious way starting from well-being, so necessary these days.

This is how Rolmind Art was born. A company of conscious and elegant artworks full of minerals, shapes and hues, in different collections and natural contexts.

Mineral paintings of all colors, shapes and shades, made with quartz and white marble as bases and different minerals as natural materials in each work.

Art, over the years, has become part of social culture, and as such an integrative and powerful element, it is capable of creating historical social and evolutionary changes. This is why the best way to transmit these values, from this new artistic concept, would be through a conscious and evolving philosophy of life.

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  • Naturaleza en movimiento - La nature en mouvement - Carolina Bellachi Naturaleza en movimiento - La nature en mouvement - Carolina Bellachi

    Carolina Bellachi Naturaleza en movement - Nature in motion

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    Very beautiful creation by the Spanish artist Carolina Bellachi highlighting the movement of nature with her recognizable style. The artist tries, through his abstract paintings, to represent his connection to nature. Light creates contrast and frames the vibration... It gives life and makes it stand out... All the colors dance to create a work which, from the calm, is captured by us in the form of movement. Time does not exist. Time is relative.

    1 in stock Envoi sous 48h



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