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Doped Out M was born in Rome in 1988 in the suburbs (Nomentana), fascinated by the underground hip-hop scene and graffiti.

In the 2000s, precisely in 2005, he decided to illegally write on the walls of Rome (colored pieces and graffiti in the streets). Despite several complaints, he continued his activity by painting on canvas.

Graduated in graphic design at the Via Sarandi institute in Rome, he worked as a graphic designer.

In 2019, Doped Out M decided to leave the capital due to limited space and metropolitan traffic to settle in Benevento, where he implemented a comprehensive study plan allowing him to develop his ideas and improve them.

He participates in auctions in Europe and around the world collaborating with galleries and auction houses in the UK and USA.

His paintings are very spontaneous and rapid, resulting from spontaneous choice of colors and rapid execution, while always maintaining harmony even in apparent disorder; the manufacturing technique can vary (dirty or clean) depending on the mood. He paints words that recall his origins as a graffiti writer.

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  • Rolling Stone Logo - Doped Out M Rolling Stone Logo - Doped Out M

    Doped Out M Rolling Stone Logo

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    Painting on canvas made by hand using acrylic paint and spray cans. Accustomed to the use of pop culture icons, Doped Out M tackles here a reinterpretation of the logo of the group The Rolling Stones: Big Red Mouth Also known as the Rolling Stones' "Tongue and Lip Design", is undoubtedly one of the most universally recognized logos. It was designed in 1971 by John Pasche, a famous British art designer, for a mere £50.

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