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Elia Vuanna, born in 1991, lives and works in Udine, Italy. Graphic designer and painter, she continued her humanist studies. Since 2010, she has presented her work in group and personal exhibitions. His works are present in numerous private collections across Europe and the United States.

She is always looking for authentic and gestural expressions, alternating between abstract painting and street and popular painting, where she finds the roots of her culture in this art.

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  • Black Flex - Elia Vuanna Black Flex - Elia Vuanna

    Elia Vuanna Black Flex

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    Very beautiful work by Elia Vuanna, entirely handmade. In an abstract contemporary style, the artist offers us here a tangle of fabric, all forming a black monochrome. Coming directly from the workshop, the work is signed on the back by the artist and is ready to hang.

    1 in stock Shipping within 48 hours



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