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Eric Lespinasse, born in 1974 in Paris, is a French artist with multiple talents. For 25 years, he has excelled in photography, painting and digital design. He is recognized for his unique works where light plays a central role, transforming his compositions into real paintings. His work is a skillful fusion of poetry and homage to humanity and the world around it.

His artistic technique combines traditional photography with digital image editing, allowing him to create original and deeply moving artistic pieces that reflect his personal vision, influences and sensibilities.

For Eric Lespinasse , the essential role of the photographer is to capture and transmit to the public all the emotion contained in each moment captured. This is how his “photographic poetry” was born in him, where each delicate and poetic image transports the viewer into an ephemeral world frozen for eternity, transforming the fleeting moment into a timeless work.

Through his various artistic creations, whether in photography or digital art, Eric Lespinasse invests each project with the same sensitivity and the same passion, thus offering the public a unique look at contemporary art and culture.

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  • #32 - Voluptuousness 2 - XXL - Eric Lespinasse #32 - Voluptuousness 2 - XXL - Eric Lespinasse

    Eric Lespinasse #32 - Voluptuousness 2 - XXL

    1 in stock Envoi sous 48h

    Discover this magnificent work on canvas (Giclée) by the artist and photographer Eric Lespinasse. Unique, this canvas comes directly from the artist's studio and is part of the "Voluptuousness 2" 2023 series. This print is borderless on a 350 gr/m2 canvas.

    1 in stock Envoi sous 48h



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