Fanni Mayer

Fanni Mayer - Galerie d'art dédiée au Pop Art et au Street Art - Pop Art Gallery

Fanni Mayer is an artist passionate about Pop Art and Street Art. His favorite techniques are collage, transfer, stencils and acrylic paint. She also uses epoxy resin to finish her works.

Fanni draws inspiration from her travels and draws inspiration from pop culture. Her works reference iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and Jean Michel Basquiat, who are a source of inspiration for her. Fanni likes to tear, cut, assemble and compose.

She mixes papers, styles and tells new stories. It recycles advertising, urban and popular culture. Its goal is to find the ideal composition and avoid boredom. Fanni has an eye for detail and seeks to convey positive emotions and colorful exploration.

Currently, Fanni Mayer exhibits in Tours, Courchevel, Saint Tropez, Provence and in several online galleries. She has participated in several contemporary art fairs, notably in Paris in 2021 and in Monaco in June 2022.

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  • Lucky You - Fanni Mayer Lucky You - Fanni Mayer

    Fanni Mayer Lucky You

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    Discover this print of an original work by Fanni Mayer called “Lucky You” on 300g poster paper. The work is enhanced with acrylic by the artist's hand and has a margin allowing the print to be framed. This print is a limited series of 50 copies. It is signed and numbered by the artist and delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

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