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Giuseppe Panzica was born in Palermo in 1985, where he was inspired from an early age by the art of his father, a well-known figurative painter in the city. Passionate and committed, he successfully completed his university studies.

During his teenage years, he was influenced by street art and quickly emerged as a pioneer in his city in the late 90s.

His artistic journey is marked by a radical evolution, moving from a figurative style to a geometric expression based on the academic techniques he learned during his studies. He then developed a distorted image concept which is part of his current studies.

Giuseppe Panzica's works have been exhibited and appreciated in many cities such as Palermo, Rome, Milan, Naples, Lisbon, London, Singapore and Taiwan. More than 1,800 original pieces have been sold and appreciated around the world through international auction houses.

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  • Volume 1138 - Giuseppe Panzica Volume 1138 - Giuseppe Panzica

    Giuseppe Panzica Volume 1138

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    Large canvas by the Italian artist Giuseppe Panzica made with excellent quality materials. This painting is part of a series devoted to expression via geometric shapes, a field in which the artist excels.

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