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After studying graphic art and communication in Roubaix, Graphikstreet worked for 12 years in various advertising agencies as a layout designer then artistic director.

With this experience, he decided to become a freelancer in 2008 while simultaneously experimenting with photography, painting and collage.

It was through Instagram that he was offered his first photo exhibition in March 2017 in Brussels. His first real collage exhibition will take place at the Condition Public in Roubaix in November 2017.

His collages are inspired by the culture of the 50s and 60s, a period that he appreciates for its carefreeness, its rhythm, its way of life, it gives off an energy that touches and inspires him: It's the soul of his compositions.

He seeks, from elements of the past, to offer an urban and contemporary testimony using the codes of advertising, with an influence drawn from Pop art and Street Art.
Graphikstreet composes and plays with shapes, colors and typos in order to create, from old magazines, pop and rhythmic visuals, for a harmonious, original and surprising graphic rendering.

Cutting out the past to put it back together with the present.

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