Hiroshi , a talented artist from Paris, stands out for his passion for creating robots and his love for Asian pop culture, an ever-present theme in all his works. From a young age, Hiroshi was fascinated by robots and the unique aesthetic of Asian pop culture. Inspired by animated series, films and video games, he decided to merge these two passions by creating robots that embody the emblematic characters of this culture.

Each robot that Hiroshi creates is a true work of art. It pays meticulous attention to detail, faithfully replicating the distinctive features of Asian pop culture characters, with large, expressive eyes, bright colors and bold shapes. These robots are a vibrant celebration of Hiroshi's creativity and passion.

But Hiroshi doesn't just build them: he also brings them to life. Through sophisticated mechanisms and ingenious programming, his creations dance, sing and interact with their environment, captivating audiences with their charm and personality.

Hiroshi 's art is a vibrant homage to Asian pop culture. He seeks to capture and share the energy and joy that this culture inspires in him. Its robots thus become ambassadors of this culture, attracting the attention of art lovers around the world.

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  • Master Robot Companion At Museum Master Robot Companion At Museum

    Hiroshi Master Robot Companion At Museum

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    Very beautiful creation by Hiroshi combining his passion for revisited robots and your Pop Art touch inspired by Asian culture. This is a unique photo print on alu-dibond treated to prevent UV damage. Printing on aluminum gives unrivaled shine, vibrant and rich colors.

    1 in stock Shipping within 48 hours



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