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HÖK is a Barcelona-based artist whose distinctive style has captivated the attention of collectors and art lovers across the world. Born in 1984, HÖK combines acrylic painting with graffiti with a dynamic and energetic approach, characterized by the use of popular iconic characters, striking compositions and creative combinations of visual elements from recognized brands, all bathed in bright colors and fluorescents that capture the vibrant essence of pop culture.

HÖK is a visual storyteller who pushes conventional boundaries with every brush and spray stroke. Trained as an artistic director and editorial graphic designer at the prestigious Elisava design university in Barcelona, ​​he has transposed his passion and skills onto canvases that invite not only observation, but also reflection. His work is a constant dialogue with pop culture, consumerism and individual expression, all within a framework that celebrates freedom and visual ingenuity. Her designs are truly visual dialogues that marry expert technique with a vibrant color palette, ensuring that each piece catches the eye while stimulating critical thinking.

His works go beyond the simple status of paintings; they are fashion statements and social critiques, each loaded with meaning and designed to spark conversations. From the United States to Japan, Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Taiwan, Great Britain and many other countries, HÖK 's works have found their place in galleries and private collections, reflecting its success and international influence.

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  • Audrey Hepburn Graffity NYC - HÖK Audrey Hepburn Graffity NYC - HÖK

    HÖK Audrey Hepburn Graffity NYC

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    This 90 cm by 90 cm canvas created by the Barcelona artist HÖK features the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn in a vibrant and contemporary POP ART style. Using spray cans, acrylic paint and markers, HÖK captures the essence of Hepburn's timeless elegance while transposing it into a colorful and dynamic world. The actress's face, rendered with remarkable precision, is the focal point of the composition. Hepburn's delicate contours and distinctive features are accentuated with sharp lines and minute details, created using markers. The background of the canvas is a swirl of bright colors, typical of HÖK's energetic approach. Shades of pink, blue and white blend together to create an electric background that makes the portrait pop brightly. Graphic patterns and visual elements borrowed from pop culture are superimposed around the actress' face, adding a modern and urban dimension to the work. These elements, created in spray paint and acrylic, provide additional texture and depth, while evoking the themes of consumption and individual expression dear to the artist. The entire composition is a visual celebration that pays homage to Audrey Hepburn while embodying the unbridled energy and creativity of POP ART. Every detail of this painting is designed to captivate the viewer, arousing both admiration and reflection. This work is a perfect example of HÖK's talent for merging varied techniques to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and deeply meaningful.

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