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A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Monika Seroka is a Polish artist. Endowed with a multitude of ideas, she constantly enriches her creative workshop in the field of enamel painting.

She has won several competitions in Poland and Europe. A lover of abstraction at a high level, she has a superb enamel painting studio.

An explosion of positive energy, vibrant colors, lightly framed in black wood. These duo oil paintings will bring a fantastic atmosphere to your living room.

Monika Seroka has sold many of her paintings in Poland and around the world. Each sale concludes with a return email, with descriptions of the wonderful emotions and artistic experiences the collectors had after hanging the works on the wall.

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  • Blue abstract - Monika Seroka Blue abstract - Monika Seroka

    Monika Seroka Blue abstract

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    Magnificent abstract work by the Polish artist Monika Seroka who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. The edges of the work are painted, creating a continuation of the image. The gradients used as well as the pigmentation of the blue give an effect of depth to this painting.

    1 in stock Shipping within 48 hours



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