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Quiona Ribes is an urban artist born in Spain in 1987. Her interest in urban art emerged in Valencia, where she explored pictorial techniques inspired by street art as well as late 20th century painters. It was there that she began to develop her own style.

After moving to Barcelona to study architecture, Quiona+ quickly abandoned this path to devote herself to Applied Arts on Walls, subsequently obtaining a degree in Art History.

Her work, initially impressionistic, now presents a singular and attractive vision where she uses poetic language linked to current events, art history and graffiti. She is known for her creations made with the urban “stencil” technique, drawing inspiration from artists such as Banksy, Martin Whatson, Keith Haring, Pichiavo, Okuda, Mr.Brainwash, Vhils as well as great classics like Leonardo Da Vinci , El Greco and Velázquez.

In recent years, she has fully invested in urban art, which has propelled her among the leading women in this field.

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  • GOD is Real (and ufos too) - Quinoa+ GOD is Real (and ufos too) - Quinoa+

    Quinoa+ GOD is Real (and ufos too)

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    Magnificent work by the artist Quinoa+ (Quinoa Ribes) who offers us here a reinterpretation of the Virgin Mary with his street artist vision. Here she uses this symbol as a militant act signifying freedom of thought.

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