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Born in 1991 in Marseille, Retronova is a digital artist with a degree in graphic design from the Marseille School of Art and Design (ESADMM). After working as a copywriter in different advertising agencies, she became passionate about digital art and explored various forms of expression online, including website creation, logo design and photo editing. pictures.

Today, she specializes in digital art and primarily uses software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create works inspired by nature, technology and popular culture. With bright colors and abstract shapes, she creates compositions that evoke a dreamlike and futuristic atmosphere. His works have been exhibited in several digital art galleries in Marseille and other cities in France and Europe.

She has also won several awards for her work and believes technology can be used to create powerful, evocative works of art that deeply touch audiences. Always looking for new artistic challenges, Retronova continues to explore new forms of digital expression.

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  • Marylin - Retronova Marylin - Retronova

    Retronova Marilyn

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    Lithograph on canvas produced by Retronova signed by the artist. This is a giclée on professional canvas representing Marilyn Monroe, an American icon of the 50s and 60s often featured in Pop Art works!

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