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Born in 1978 in the heart of France, XTC has forged its artistic universe through its passion for design, pop art and, more recently, street art.

This visual quest transformed into an ardent passion which had to find its materialization. XTC defines himself as a self-taught visual artist , part of the pop art movement, through the diversion of contemporary consumer products.

His creativity is expressed through daring stagings of popular culture icons (like McDonald's, Malabar, Chupa), which he brings into collision with the world of luxury (including Chanel, Hermes, Veuve Clicquot champagne and even caviar), as well as with street art, further blurring the already tenuous boundaries between these universes. He expresses his art through sculpture, merging paint with various resins, plastics and sometimes minerals. Among his sources of inspiration, we find Banksy, Keith Haring, Orlinski, Andy Warhol, Obey, advertising and addictions in general.

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  • Extincteur Coca à poudre - XTC Extincteur Coca à poudre - XTC

    XTC Coca powder fire extinguisher

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    The artist XTC wishes, through this work, to symbolize addiction to sodas through the choice of the brand and the content of this type of extinguisher (Powder). The work is entirely painted, without stickers, in order to increase the durability of the work and in the desire to have the most qualitative result possible. The work is numbered and signed below and is supplied with its certificate of authenticity.

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  • Sale -33% Jerrican 5L de Nutella - XTC Jerrican 5L de Nutella - XTC

    XTC 5L jerrycan of Nutella

    1 in stock Envoi sous 48h

    Discover this Nutella-colored 5L Jerrycan painted with Montana spray paint and varnish. The logo is also painted to give a uniform result and better durability over time. The artist XTC wishes, through this work, to compare the palm oil used in the Nutella recipe to gasoline for its devastating power.

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