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Co James was born in England in the 1980s and grew up in an environment that profoundly influenced his artistic work.

From a young age, James was fascinated by comics, spending hours reading comics and drawing imaginary superheroes. He developed a distinctive drawing technique, inspired by the masters of the comic book industry.

During his teenage years, James joined local comic book clubs, where he met other enthusiasts. He also began creating and drawing his own stories, using painting and inking techniques to bring his characters to life.

At age 18, James decided to pursue an art degree. He studied fine art and graphic design, focusing on illustration and comic book drawing. This training has enriched his work, providing him with new ideas and techniques for creating captivating visual stories.

After graduating from college, CO JAMES started his career as an independent artist. He has produced illustrations and comics for private clients and publishers, and has exhibited his work in galleries across the UK.

CO JAMES' style is distinguished by colorful and expressive comic book characters, as if they emerged from the pages of his favorite comics. He uses line drawing and digital painting techniques to bring his creations to life, making his stories visually captivating.

Over the years, CO JAMES has gained notable recognition as a comic book artist. He has won several awards and recognitions, and his work has been featured in both local and national art magazines. He was also invited to international comic conventions, where he met other artists and shared his work with a global audience.

Today, CO JAMES continues to create comics at his studio in London. He is considered one of the most talented and promising comic artists of his generation in the United Kingdom. His work is constantly evolving, and he is always looking for new ways to tell exciting stories through comic book art.

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  • Flapp - XXL - Co James Flapp - XXL - Co James

    Co James Flapp - XXL

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    This print on fine art paper from Co James captures a vibrant work, characterized by layers of colorful paints. Shimmering shades overlap with perfect harmony, creating a depth and visual richness that captivates the eye. The layers of paint, applied with a mastered technique, intermingle subtly, each shade seeming to emerge from the depths to play with the light. Bright, bold colors contrast with softer, pastel tones, forming a delicate balance between dynamism and serenity. Fine art paper, with its slightly grainy texture, adds an extra dimension to the work. It absorbs pigments in a unique way, accentuating color variations and transitions. This interaction between the medium and the paint gives the print an almost tactile quality, inviting the viewer to explore every detail of the composition.

    1 in stock Shipping within 48 hours



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