Flapp - XXL

  • Co James
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This print on fine art paper from Co James captures a vibrant work, characterized by layers of colorful paints. Shimmering shades overlap with perfect harmony, creating a depth and visual richness that captivates the eye.

The layers of paint, applied with a mastered technique, intermingle subtly, each shade seeming to emerge from the depths to play with the light. Bright, bold colors contrast with softer, pastel tones, forming a delicate balance between dynamism and serenity.

Fine art paper, with its slightly grainy texture, adds an extra dimension to the work. It absorbs pigments in a unique way, accentuating color variations and transitions. This interaction between the medium and the paint gives the print an almost tactile quality, inviting the viewer to explore every detail of the composition.

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  • Support: Fine Art Paper
  • Techniques:
    • Print
  • Dimension (H x W x D) : 120 cm x 95 mm x 0.1 cm
  • Weight : 0.3 kg
  • Year : 2024
  • Certificate of authenticity: Yes
  • Signed: Yes
  • Unique work: Yes
  • Number of copies produced : 1
  • Framed artwork : No
  • Work on stretcher : No
  • Original works
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  • Work and verified history
  • Secure payment
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  • Flapp - XXL - Co James Flapp - XXL - Co James

    Co James Flapp - XXL

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